Catholic Finish Strong 
is a non-profit organization
 with 501c3 status.  

Therefore all donations tax-deductible. 

       Presently if you wish to support CATHOLIC FINISH STRONG you may make an online donation using the paypal button above or mail a check to :

Catholic Finish Strong, PO Box 68273, Milwaukie, OR 97268.

1.LCD projector value approx $550 with accessories 

2. Cordless sound system $450 

3. Portable Speaker $225

4. Laser printer/copier approx $350

5.Flyers and printing approx $75 per year

6.Website $30 per month 

7. Cords and accessories $40

8. Technical Support and Warranties $250 per year

     Financially supporting CATHOLIC FINISH STRONG is a way to truly multiple any monetary gift.  Consider how many people will benefit (be fed, be catechized, or be served) because of the inspiration one person receives through CATHOLIC FINISH STRONG.  

    "If you are what you should be, 
you would set the whole world on fire." 
St Catherine of Siena